Smart Tele-Rehab Solution

Multi-Position Application

Four joints exercise application on a single device. (Wrist, Elbow, Ankle, Knee)

Broad Rehabilitation Coverage

Applicable for the musculoskeletal as well as the nervous system disorder.

Time & Cost Saving

Maximized rehabilitation effect, increase recovery rate, but reduce time and cost.

Smart Tele-Rehab Platform

Convenient & safe non-contact communication and efficient rehab management through smart tele-rehab platform.

Diverse Exercise Modes

rebless provides continuous passive motion (CPM) exercise and active (assist/resist) exercise based on “Movement Intention Grasp Technology”.

Measure to exercise on a single device

rebless performs wide range of essential functions that are required for rehabilitations : ROM measure, ROM exercise and endurance/strength improvement.

Exercise Positions
rebless provides various exercise positions for both upper limb & lower limb.
Upper Limb

Elbow - Neutral Flextion&Extension

Elbow - Pronation Flexion&Extension

Elbow - Supination Flextion&Extension

Wrist - Radial Deviation

Wrist - Extension

Wrist - Flextion

Lower Limb

Knee - Flextion&Extension(Sitting)

Knee - Flextion&Extension(Lying)

Ankle - Dorsiflexion&Plantar Flextion(Sitting)

Ankle - Dorsiflexion&Plantar Flextion(Lying)

Operating Modes
rebless maximizes rehabilitation effect using various operating modes including ROM measurement, Passive exercise as well as an Active exercise with 2 different exercise modes (assistance/resistance). Intensive rehabilitation from passive exercise to active exercise will increase the possibility of rapid recovery.

PROM Measurement (Passive)

rebless measures PROM by pressing button manually.

AROM Measurement (Active)

rebless measures AROM automatically by detecting patient’s strength.

Passive Exercise

Repeated exercise based on measured PROM value.

Active Exercise (Assist/Resist)

Active therapy with three different exercise mode for free active exercise using **“movement intention grasp algorithm”.

** Movement intention grasp algorithm : Device controls the level of assistance/resistance automatically by detecting patient’s strength.
rebless Mobile Application (User)
User simply operate device, manage rehabilitation history on the mobile application, and enable non-contact examination with a doctor, PT, OT via tele-rehab feature.
  •   Tele-rehab video call with rebless Web
  •   Daily rehabilitation target setup
  •   ROM measurement : PROM – Passive, AROM - Active
  •   Perform the exercise prescription : exercise by doctor
  •   Exercise History Management : Date, time, exercise mode, level etc.
Supported from Android app version 8 / iOS app to be supported from December
rebless Clinic (Doctor/PT/OT)
rebless Clinic provides easy patient management system including tele-rehab examination, patient management as well as exercise history analysis.
  •   Tele-rehab video call with rebless APP
  •   Patient information management
  •   Schedule management
  •   Create an exercise prescription : Exercise for patient
  •   Patient exercise history management
  •   Analysis Report printing or saving in PDF
Operating Ranges
Product Weight Package Weight Product Size Package Size Elbow Wrist Knee(Lying) Knee(Sitting) Ankle Speed Torque Elbow to Wrist Heel to Knee User Weight V Hz W Operating Temp Operating Humidity Storage Temp Storage Humidity WiFi Certifications
17 kg - 800 x 467 x 230mm 870 x 440 x 385mm 0° ~ 140°± 5° 0° ~ 60°± 5° 0° ~ 80°± 5° 0° ~ 60°± 5° -50° ~ 20°± 5° 0° ~ 700° / min MAX 30 Nm 228 ~ 296mm 361 ~ 464mm 42 ~ 92kg 100 ~ 240 Vac 50 ~ 60 Hz 220 W 0 ~ 35°C 30 ~ 80% -10 ~ 55°C 0 ~ 85% IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4GHz 2
Extension 0 ~ 60 deg and Flexion 0 ~ 60 deg separately 360 deg*2 RPM = 720 deg / min Maximum Relative Humidity Room Temp Relative Humidity FDA Class 1, MFDS Class 2
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